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    The Calvert City Convalescent Center, Inc. is a local, non-profit 95 bed, dually licensed, skilled nursing facility.  Incorporated in 1972, the Center was unique to the State of Kentucky being non-profit, 501 (c)(3) tax exempt and self owned.  A local Board of Directors who volunteer their time is the governing authority.  Excess revenue generated returns to the Center's general operation account.  Presently, the center operates on a yearly budget of almost seven million dollars.  The economic impact to the community and the surrounding area is tremendous.  Jobs provided for approximately 125 employees add additional funds and cash flow for area business.
    The Center has many active volunteers donating their time and talents daily to the residents.  The volunteer program is coordinated through the efforts of the Center's Activities Department.  The Center prides itself on quality care and relies a great deal on volunteers to supplement the services not funded through traditional methods of reimbursement.
    The Center also oversees the operation of Calvert City Housing Corp. and manages Cox Manor Apartments, which provides low-income housing to the elderly and disabled. The twenty-four unit complex is adjacent to the nursing facility and gives rental assistance to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Section 202/8 program.
    It has been said many times that this organization is more than facts and figures.  It is like a family, loving, caring and appreciating each other.  It is a home, a house built by love. The belief that, "In God's love, everyone is someone" truly challenges our caregivers to fulfill the mission statement and provide the very best care available to our residents.

The Calvert City Convalescent Center, Inc. exists to provide a homelike atmosphere where the dignity and rights of every resident are promoted and protected, and the best medical, nursing and personal care available is provided by a team of cooperative and friendly caregivers who are challenged by the belief that "In God's Love Everyone Is Someone".  The CCCC realizes that the process of nursing facility placement can be a very difficult and emotional experience. In order to assist you with the complex procedures of placement and to ease some of the stress involved, an Admissions Coordinator and a Social Worker is available to help you and your family.

On February 12th, 1973, 54 beds of the Calvert City Convalescent Center went into operation and work proceeded on a 46 bed addition.  The Center was located on part of a 50 acre tract of land that was originally designated for a hospital by Lee Cox, a Calvert City businessman who died in the early 1950’s.  However, establishing a hospital was not believed to be feasible and the Convalescent Center resulted.  An added feature of the layout was that the city provide a park which the residents and their families could enjoy.  The facility was uniquely set up as a local not for profit corporation to serve the needs of the elderly in this community and surrounding area.  All income in access of operating profits was to be used to expand the institution and services as needed.  A future plan was to add housing for the elderly, which materialized in February, 1982 as Cox Manor Apartments, a 24 unit housing complex for the elderly, handicapped and disabled.

As the original plans for the nursing home and its’ costs became known, many organizations and groups expressed a desire to help.  The Calvert City Woman’s Club was asked to act as coordinators of community efforts to aid the Center.  They also assumed the responsibility for decorating the building.  The completed Center represented a million dollar investment of which the City of Calvert has been extremely proud and supportive.

Many changes have taken place over the past 40 years……..walls have changed colors, wallpaper added, decorations and furniture rearranged, new equipment, new faces in staff and residents, changes in administration……yet the Center has strived for and always maintained a home like atmosphere full of love and concern for the residents and families it serves.

Without the support IN THE BEGINNING of community leaders, churches, volunteers, organizations, industry and many, many “friends”, the Convalescent Center could not have began its’ much needed ministry.  The continued support of all these has kept this facility striving for excellence and moving forward each day of operation.  You know when you enter the doors and walk the halls and see the residents that this truly is a fulfillment of God’s plan to provide love and care for His “Beautiful People”.